Fragrance blending instructions

Within the kit you will find everything to enable you to create your own scent identity – be it for him or her and daytime or evening use.

There is no fixed fragrance for anyone and the scent will differ on different people and over time.

In order to prepare your fragrance please follow the simple steps ahead. Please adhere to the safety insert and be sure to read it before embarking on making your fragrance.

Before you start.

Each person making their fragrance will need a pen and a sheet of A4 paper.
Make sure that you have a clean surface to work from.
It is recommend that you do not eat or drink while testing the aromas.
Wash you hands so that you can smell the aromas clearly.
Take the piece of A4 paper putting it in landscape profile. Segment the paper into three parts by drawing on it. Label the parts, “Yes”, “Maybe” and “No”.

Each person should take 24 strips of scent smelling paper from the box.

Take out 24 pipettes. Each pipette will be used in only one of the aroma bottles and should not be mixed with any other aromas to avoid cross contamination.

Step 1 - Be the Nose

One by one take out the aromas, write on the scent strip which aroma it is that you are smelling, open it and dip your scent paper into it. Waft it in the air then smell it. Waft it again and smell it again. Take your time and repeat the process as needed. Then decide whether this aromas is going to be a “yes”, “maybe” or “no”. Place the scent strip in the corresponding segment on the piece of A4 paper.

Repeat this process with all the aromas.

Step 2 - Say Yes .......No .....or maybe

Once you have been through them all you will have a pile of “yes” choices. Take all the scent strips from said pile and fan them. Waft the fan of chosen scent strips to smell the overall scent that you have chosen.

Do the same with “no” pile of strips to deem that you do not particularly like the combination.

You may also do the same with the “maybe” pile and potentially mix one or two with the chosen “yes” scent strips.

Step 3- Do the sums and create your formula

Count the number of your chosen scent strips which will form the basis of the fragrance that you will shortly make.

The atomizer is a 30ml bottle.

Divide 30 by the number of aromas that you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen 5 aromas then volume of each note that you will add to the atomizer is 6ml [30 / 5 = 6] (if you have chosen 7 aromas then you will use 4.25ml [30 / 7 = 4.25] for each chosen aroma in the atomizer).

The pipette volume is 1ml and is graded so that you can see the volume.

Please use a single pipette for each aroma – do not cross contaminate.

Each pipette will be used in only one of the aromas and should not be mixed with any other aroma to avoid cross contamination.

Take the top off the atomizer and unscrew the distributor.

Carefully fill your pipette with the correct ml of aroma that you will add to the atomizer. Repeat this with the other aromas that you have chosen – keeping in mind to use a separate pipette for each aroma. Also avoid dunking any pipette into the atomizer bottle.

Once you have decanted the correct number and volume of aromas into the atomizer screw the distributor back on, put on the top and give it a gentle shake.

Hey presto your fragrance is made.

Keep a note of the chosen combination should you wish to make the fragrance again.

Please enjoy the whole experience and re-order should you need anything.